Rubber and Latex

Natural Rubber and Latex

We market a wide range of quality Natural Rubbers and Latex that include both the traditional types visually graduated (Smoked Leaves, Crepes) and the technically specified natural rubbers (TSR)

We offer the following grades of Natural Rubber and Latex

Technically Specified Rubber (TSR)
  • TSR 5
  • TSR 10
  • TSR 20
  • TSR WF
  • TSR 5
  • TSR 10CV
  • TSR CV60
  • TSR 20CV
  • TSR CV40
  • TSR 3L
  • TSR L
  • TSR CV50
  • TSR GV
Ribbed Smoked Sheet
  • 1RSS
  • 2RSS
  • 3RSS
  • 4RSS
  • 1 RSS Small Bale
  • 3 RSS Small Bale
  • Thick and Thin Pale Crepe
  • Skim Block
  • SP40
  • SP20
  • SP50
  • Reptized
  • DPNR
  • ADS
  • ADS XL
  • FA or HA Centrifuged
  • Ammonla Free
  • TMTD Free (HA or LA)
  • Double Centrifuged (DC)
  • Grafted
  • Pvultex

Origen of our Natural Rubbers


  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Phillippines
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam


  • Cameroon
  • Gabon
  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • Ivory Coast
  • Liberia
  • Nigeria


  • Guatemala

Specialities of Natural Latex that we distribute:

3rd Party Products Grade Properties
PVultex Various Prevulcanised ready-to-use formulations with varying levels of ammonia and modulus to fit specific applications. Evaporated latex with high solid content.
VYTEX LA (Low Ammonia) For applications requiring lower levels of antigenic protein. Produced using the eco-friendly Vystar Corporation-patented process.
NRL (Full Ammonia)

Specialities of Natural Latex that we intermediate

Product Grade Properties
Centrifuged High Ammonia Preserved with ammonium hydroxide where a higher starting pH is preferred.
LATZ Low Ammonia preserved with a secondary system of TMTD/ZnO.
Double Centrifuged CENTEX DC For applications requiring low levels of water-extractable proteins and those that benefit from lower non-rubber solids.
HA&LA TMTD Free High or Low Ammonia versions which employ alternate preservation systems where TMTD/ZnO is not desirable.
Homogenised CENTEX HF High Ammonia that has undergone additional processing after centrifugation to archive lower micro coagulum content and more uniform particle size greater filterability.
LATEXPRO High Ammonia & Low Ammonia Produced internally under stringent independent certified audit criteria covering Industrial & Quality Standards, Environment, Health & Safety, Sustainable Supply Chain and Supply Chain Security.

Synthetic Rubbers and Latex

Taktene® Latex

They are aqueous dispersions of butadiene-styrene copolymer with a high amount of solid (> 65%) produced by cold polymerization.

Principal applications

Taktene Latex is used in the production of:

Gel and non-gelled foam
Molded foam
Impregnation of linings
Carpet backing
Agglomerates of coconut fiber and cork
Footware insole manufacturing
Modification of asphalt emulsions

Main Properties

1. The foams produced with Taktene® Latex presents good elasticity, rebound and dimensional stability.

2. Taktene® Latex S62F does not contain biocides and therefore it can be used in food applications, such as in the production of chewing gum bases.

3. Asphalt binders modified with Taktene® Latex show elastic properties that reduce rutting (permanent deformation) and fatigue cracking, which increases pavement durability and reduces maintenance costs. This modification also allows an expansion of the service temperature range.

We supply synthetic materials from leading, client-approved producers.

We supply synthetic materials from leading, client-approved producers. Our independently sourced materials are always produced in accordance with international standards.

Our suppliers run regular audits that ensure that these standards are upheld and proper measures applied in the sustainability of production.

  • Emulsion SBR
  • Solution SBR
  • Low Cis and High Cis Polybutadiene
  • Butadiene Rubber for plastic modification