Our target market ranges from producers of surgical tubes to independent compounders. This diversity of customers and applications requires specialized rubber and latex grades, from a wide range of suppliers, professionally managed and distributed from their production sites.

Our suppliers and members are made up of some of the oldest and most respected names in the industry such as

  • Corrie MacColl Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, China)

  • ARLANXEO – Saudi Aramco

  • Muang Mai Guthrie

Our logistical solutions in Latin America and Asia support the global needs of our customers

As distributors, the importance of our economic function in today´s society is unquestionable.

We move the rubber and latex from the place or geographical area where there is a surplus to the places where there is a demand. (Transportation Function)

We offer the product to the customers in the quantity they need. (Fractionation Function)

We make the product available to the customer at the time or date in which they require it. (Storage Function)

We offer credit terms to our final customers. (Financing Function)